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The Raptor System

Web-based. Feature-rich. Easy to use.

The Raptor System provides an effective and affordable way to help schools and community facilities keep unwanted visitors out while tracking those they allow in. Simply scan a visitor’s Driver's License or other state issued ID and the Raptor System instantly screens for registered sex offenders in all 50 states and can also screen for individuals with restraining orders, custody issues, suspended or expelled students, known gang members, or for any custom alert.

When a visitor is cleared, the Raptor System prints a badge featuring the visitor's name, photo, date and time, and destination. If a potential threat is identified, the Raptor System sends instant alerts to designated officials, including administrators and law enforcement, via email and/or text messaging. Only the Raptor System has FP logic to help prevent repeat positive sex offender matches.

The Raptor System can also be used to track and report faculty and volunteer hours as well as student tardies and early sign-outs.

Raptor’s web-based platform is accessible from any workstation with a high speed Internet connection, even off-site computers. This is especially important in emergency situations.

Easy to set up and install. All you need to run the Raptor System is a computer with an internet connection, a Raptor Optical Scanner, and a Badge Printer. Software installation is quick and Raptor can have a single school or an entire district protected within days.

No per seat/workstation license fee. Each facility/building can host an unlimited number of Raptor workstations per site.

Live customer support. Raptor provides live customer support from 7 am to 5 pm CT Monday through Friday. Raptor also provides on-demand online training as well Remote Assistance.

Easy reporting tools. The Raptor System offers a variety of reporting options including visitors logged, "Who's in the building", volunteer hours worked, student tardies, sex offenders logged, and activities by date range. Reports can be run from any computer with an internet connection.

Alert monitoring. Raptor is the only visitor management provider that monitors your facility's sex offender alerts in real-time.

Free automatic software upgrades. No need to pay for upgrades. Raptor is web-based, so updates are installed automatically.

  • Easy to implement
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Effective

Sex Offender Check
"We absolutely LOVE the Raptor vSoft product. Support and feedback we have received from our information community has been overwhelmingly positive." Ryan T. West >> Assistant Principal >> Columbine High School